Focus on Health, Safety, and Environment

ScopeTel Sdn Bhd has been awarded with Sarawak Shell Berhad (SSB) HSE MS Level 3 on the 23rd October, 2003. Our achievement is consistent with SSB to ensure a safe work environment for everyone involved in SSB operations and to assure a continuous improvement in SSB HSE performance.

ScopeTel has adopted the 21 Good Operations, Health, Environment and Safety Elements for the benefit of all personnel and the prevention of losses.
Accidents, injuries, and losses occur because of mistakes, omissions, and oversights, therefore it is each person's personal responsibility to utilize the knowledge gained from These 21 Elements to eliminate or prevent injuries, accidents, losses, and harm to the environment.

The Elements of HSE and Loss Prevention Systems must be incorporated in all aspects of each person duties at all levels. This applies whether your work is in Administration, Procurement, Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Inspection or Construction, Etc.

Additionally, the HSE System requires all accidents, incidents, near misses and hazardous conditions to be reported so they can be corrected immediately or to prevent future occurrences from lessons learned.


The ScopeTel Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Program exists as a framework to support the goal of safe and responsible operations through knowledge based on the following 21 elements:

1. Leadership And Administration 
2. Leadership Training 
3. Planned Inspections and Maintenance 
4. Critical Task Analysis, Procedures and Observations  
5. Incident Investigation 
6. Environmental Control 
7. Emergency Preparedness 
8. Rules and Work Permits 
9. Security 
10. Knowledge and Skill Training 
11. Personal Protective Equipment  
12. Health and Hygiene Control 
13. System Evaluation 
14. Engineering and Change Management 
15. Personal Communications 
16. Group Communications 
17. General Promotion 
18. Hiring and Placement 
19. Materials and Services Management 
20. Community Awareness 
21. Compliance Management

ScopeTel HSE General Objectives

In the Group we are committed to: - pursue a goal of no harm to people 
1. Protect the environment 
2. Use material and energy efficiently to provide our products and services 
3. Develop energy resources, products and services consistent with these aims 
4. Publicly report on our performance 
5. Play a leading role in promoting best practice in our industries 
6. Manage HSE matters as any other critical business activity 
7. Promote a culture in which all ScopeTel employees share this commitment 

In this way we aim to have an HSE performance we can be proud of, to earn the confidence of customers, shareholders and society at large, to be a good neighbour and to contribute to sustainable development. 

Mandatory long-term - Management responsibility to demonstrate Commitment 

Continuous improvement to reduce gap between Commitment and Reality