Fix VSAT system uses fix antenna system. As its names suggest, the antenna position and pointing are locked after successful transmission.

The fix antenna size ranges from 1.8 meter up to 32 meters in diameters. However, commercial VSAT installation typically range from 1.8 meter to 4.5 meters for C-band VSAT operation. Various antenna type is available, from prime focus to offset antenna, and made from ranging materials such as aluminium to fibreglass.

The antenna can be mounted on different type of mountings, such as non-penetrating, tripod or pole design.

High Speed Data Network
. High speed data links between mainframe / host / LANs
. PC to PC Communications
. Telephone to telephone communications
. PBX to PBX communications
. PABX to telephone communications
. PSTN Connections
. LAN to LAN communications
. WAN to WAN communications